#GirlPower: Bow Down to Parineeti and Tip Your Hat to Deepika! They ROCK

#GirlPower: Bow Down to Parineeti and Tip Your Hat to Deepika! They ROCK

Most Bollywood actresses, without naming too many names, all too frequently shed the strong personas they adopt on the screen when it comes to questions about their personal lives and “values”. They choose instead to bat their eyelashes and demurely answer questions posed to them - no matter how sexist - during press conferences and interviews.

They tell you they’d one day like to give it all up and only support their husbands and produce babies.

They tell you that Karvachauth is their favourite festival.                        

And that you don't understand the value of “ek chutki sindoor”.

But then there’s Parineeti Chopra - who is not “sanskari”, “sharmeeli” or “sushil”. Patriarchal notions and sexist questions are answered in the only way they should be - with one tight verbal thappad!

Here’s what Parineeti said to a highly problematic and chauvinistic statement posed by a reporter at press conference. He said: “Girls when they are young, they like it [sex], and when they are older, then they scream and shout at us.”

Watch the video here.

AWESOME, right?
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Parineeti Chopra took another male reporter DOWN at a Whisper promotional event recently. The man didn’t know what periods were and kept referring to them as a “problem”.

Parineeti’s response? Pure gold.



Watch the video here

We NEED more such dabangg actresses! More power to Parineeti!

And a big shoutout to one of our favourite fashionistas, the awesome Deepika Padukone. Yesterday, she too took the media to task and posted a series of tweets against TOI’s utterly disgusting article about her “cleavage”. See how she takes one of the country’s leading newspapers to task.

BONUS: Parineeti doing absolutely awesome things and, in effect, subverting gender stereotypes in her movies. :)


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