How to Perfect the Pouf Like Deepika Padukone in 3 Simple Steps!

How to Perfect the Pouf Like Deepika Padukone in 3 Simple Steps!

Deepika Padukone has made the pouf hairstyle (or puff, as many call it) totally iconic. Whether it’s a volumized ponytail or a half-up / half-down style, we don’t blame the gorgeous DPad for adding a little bit of volume to an ordinary hairdo, be it on the red carpet or for a movie screening! That heightened DPad pouf instantly brings oodles of flirty glam to any look and is appropriate for any type of occasion - and works for any hair texture! We tell you how to perfect this iconic Deepika Padukone hairstyle in 3 simple steps. Try it out the next time you're heading out of the door - it’s great for adding an instant shot of fabulousness to even a simple, everyday hairdo.

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deepika padukone hairstyle steps

What You’ll Need

how to make the deepika padukone puff

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Step 1: Prep Your Mane

Professionals actually advise you try any volumized looks on unwashed hair. So if you have shampooed your locks the previous day, then you’re good to go for the first step of the pouf. But if you want to try this style on freshly washed hair, make sure to flip your head down and blow dry your mane upside down for some extra volume. Next, take the hair from your temples on either side extending to the crown in either a semicircle or a square shape and clip it up to separate it from the rest of your mane.

Step 2: Get Teasing

deepika padukone hairstyle steps

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Split the section you separated in two: a front and back section, and clip the front section away so it doesn’t get in your way. Hold the back section straight up, spray the roots with your volumizing spray and gently tease the strands with the comb in an up-and-down motion. Spritz your teased strands with hairspray on the front and the back and let them dry for a few seconds before laying them down on your crown. This is the base of your pouf. Divvy up the front section into two again and repeat the teasing and spraying process and laying down on both sections. You would have done this on three sections by the end of this step.

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Step 3: Pouf Princess!


Use the end of your comb to make sure your pouf is rounded, push it up gently with your fingers at the back, and pin it firmly against your head with the bobby pins to create a small bump. You can pull out a few strands to frame your face if you like and add one last shot of hairspray to your pouf to keep it in place. Pull the rest of your hair back into a bouffant ponytail or leave it as it is!

And poof! You just perfected this fab Deepika Padukone hairstyle in 3 easy steps - and it requires minimum effort and time (not more than 10 minutes), but brings maximum oomph to your style. Get ready to make a statement like a Bollywood diva!

Deepika Padukone pictures: Viral Bhayani

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