Fuss-Free Yet Sexy? 8 Simple Ways to Nail Off-Duty Model Style!

Fuss-Free Yet Sexy? 8 Simple Ways to Nail Off-Duty Model Style!

They wow us with their perfect looks on runways and magazine covers. But they also have us hooked with their unbelievably effortless off-duty style. These leggy lasses maybe dressed in elaborate couture and statement accessories when on the job, but off the clock, it’s a different story altogether. One look at the style file of models-of-the moment like Cara Delevingne, Kanishtha Dhankar and Carol Gracias, and you know it’s all about being carelessly elegant. And that’s a look that we would ALL love to wear! So today we give you 8 simple ways to nail off-duty model style. Read on, ladies, and get ready to amaze. ;)

1. Subtle Colours

1. Arshia-AhujaSoft, muted colours like black, grey and beige are safe bets. Model chic is all about making a statement with subtlety. It requires grabbing attention by mixing interesting textures and shapes instead of playing with loud colours. No unnecessary frills or embellishments required.

Image: Arshia Ahuja at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: Bellfield Dual Tone Tee Shirt on Koovs, Rs 750

off-duty model style 1 (Copy)

2. Discreet, Roomy Handbags

2. kayaan-contractorConsidering that models spend the day on the go, oversized clutches are pretty much out the question. Turn to roomy, structured top-handle bags or leather totes - big enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink. But no screaming logos or monograms. Discreet labels - that’s what you need to be looking for.

Image: Kayaan Contractor at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Travel Tote on Nordstrom, Rs 19,540

off-duty model style 2 (Copy)

3. Layer Away

3. Erika-PackardLove for layering is another thing that M.O.D style is renowned for. Think a casually wrapped scarf, a denim shirt over a loose white tee or a crop top thrown over on off-shoulder maxi dress.

Image: Erika Packard at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: People Blue Solid Top on Jabong, Rs 400

off-duty model style 3 (Copy)

4. Comfortable Footwear

4. Alicia-KomodromosIf you spent the day strutting around in six-inch heels, you’d turn to flats by the end of the day too! To really nail off-duty model style, skip the stilettos and turn to sports luxe footwear instead. Ankle boots? Yes. Converse sneakers? Perfect! Tan ballerinas or patent leather brogues? Of course!

Image: Alicia K at LFW WF 2014

POPxo recommends: Converse Unisex CT AS Sketch OX Purple Casual Shoes on Myntra, Rs 1,359

off-duty model style 4 (Copy)

5. Out-of-Bed Hair

5. Iris-NoirThere’s really no point in blow-drying your locks after your shower if you’re headed for hair and makeup anyway. Which is probably why one spots models in messy, out-of-bed hair - soft waves or a messy topknot. It screams sexy without even trying!

Image: Iris Noir at LFW SS2014

POPxo recommends: Studio Line Texture and Control Unkempt Out of Bed® Texturizer by L’Oreal Paris, Rs 500

off-duty model style 5 (Copy)

6. Baggy Fits

5. Archana-Akhil-KumarThis one is a no-brainer, isn’t it? If your job demands squeezing into butt-wrenching size zero outfits day in and day out, you’ll obviously need a breather once you’re done for the day. Comfortable sweatshirts, boxy tops and baggy fits are a winner.

Image: Archana Akhil Kapoor at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: Soft Knit Sweater by Forever 21, Rs 1,099

off-duty model style 6 (Copy)

7. Skinny Jeans

7. pallaviThe tops are baggy, yes. But the bottoms must always be slim fits. How else will you show off those legs?! Skinny jeans, leggings or waxed jeggings are a sure thing.  Experiment with faux leather pants when the weather permits it.

Image: Pallavi at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: Wyney Jeggings by Wills Lifestyle on Fashionara, Rs 2,499

off-duty model style 7 (Copy)

8. Biker Chic

8. Anuska-HajelaA moto jacket is the saving grace for anyone trying to nail M.O.D. style. Throw one on over anything, and we mean anything, and see how your look transforms in an instant. What a badass leather jacket communicates is this: “I know I look incredibly cool, and guess what? I didn’t even have to try very hard!”

Image: Anushka H at LFW WF2014

POPxo recommends: Metal Button Quilted Jacket by Mango, Rs 3,990

off-duty model style 8 (Copy)

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