Five Fabulous Styling Ideas For Your Real Girl Body!

Five Fabulous Styling Ideas For Your Real Girl Body!
Looking fabulous once in a while with all that extra prep and lots of help from your BFF is easy. You have all the time in the make a blueprint and take the advice every fashion website and magazine gives you, and voila! - you look like a million bucks! But you know what's tricky? Trickier than tricky? Dressing up for your real girl body every day. Yeah, those of us who look fab in all of our selfies at exotic locales just fall flat when it comes to styling ourselves for everyday affairs.

There are two good reasons for that. One, in our hurried lives, we hardly understand what works on our body. Two, we don't understand our own bodies and never give a fair thought to what our personal style is. That's the real confusion we face with real bodies. Now how does one tackle this issue?

One good way to begin is to look at Westside's fabulous new real girl label, Sassy Soda. Sassy Soda comes in absolutely real sizes, in cool trends, with lots of fun and colour. The best thing about the label is the way it keeps you looking pretty without you having to do much. That's exactly what we need every day! Whether it's work or play or a fun night out, you and I need our daily dose of fabulous.

So we give you five amazing styling ideas for your real girl body. Plus, this little piece will come with your own little style mandate on working with your problem areas.

Unleash Your Inner Flower Child

westside bigboobsWhat's better than florals this season? That's right - nothing! Florals have a way of settling themselves comfortably into every wardrobe. They're easy on the eye, extremely flattering and give out a fun vibe. The thing about this fabulous trend is that it never goes out of style. The best way to wear florals is to keep them in pastel shades and to look for a good fit. If you're looking to tackle a heavier bust, this one should be your best pick. The V-neck keeps the look subtle and shows off your beautiful neck. The flowy fabric makes sure your figure stays flattering and easy on the eye. Wear this look to perfection with a pair of nude ballet flats, a nice messenger bag, a cutesy hair band and a touch of blush to show off your flushed face.

Price: Dress- Rs 1699, Bag- Rs 1499, Hairband- Rs 199, Shoes- Rs 1099.

Stay Fabulously Fascinating in White

westside big hips

What really sets off a great dress is its elegant cut and its super-easy fabric. For us, lace always does it. It flatters the figure and tones down your look - bonus points if it's pleated or A-line because this cut especially makes sure it hides all the problem areas, from thick thighs to a big bust along with a flabby tummy. Which is why it's number one on our lust list. The gold belt is a great addition because it emphasizes a delicate waist and cinches it to show off your figure. This one can be worn from AM to PM in style - only make sure you keep the look fresh with a nice floral bag, some great bright-coloured shoes, a classic watch (to stay as elegant as possible) and some gold-toned cuffs and neckpieces. Don't forget to take it up a notch with your favourite aviators!        

Price: Dress- Rs 1999, Bag- Rs 999, Cuff- Rs 299, Necklace- Rs 299, Shoes- Rs 1199.           

Structured and Lean for a Great Work Look

westside fat thighs

Let us tell you one thing that will set your wardrobe apart from everyone else's - it should and it must have a signature. Your own style, that is. And there is no better idea out there than to stay minimal and classic. And that's why you need an uber signature item - the leggings. Every girl must possess a pair - only make sure it's made of good fabric, stretches well and comes with great additions like zippers and rivets. A nice solid-coloured vest teamed with a pair of good quality leggings would work wonders for your silhouette and can make your legs look long and lean. Aww! Add a nice little jacket and some nice black heels, and you're ready for the day. A pair of hoops and an elegant leather bag can elevate your basic look to super-fabulous levels. Don't forget to top it up with minimal makeup - nice liner and a lip balm along with a good daily wear BB cream.

Price: Leggings- Rs 1199, Tank top- Rs 499, Hoops- Rs 299, Shoes- Rs 1199.

Hello, Ms Geek Chic!

westside Flabby tummyPeplum tops are fun - especially if you are trying to stay in style and have a flabby tummy to hide. Win-win! This fabulous trend is nowhere near gone and is just the thing that keeps your real girl body in style check. Opt for a white one that will suit day and night and wear it with a cute denim skirt to show off your long legs while cleverly camouflaging a not-so-fit tummy. Rock this look at college or carry a light shawl and head for a movie! Up the style meter with a pair of geeky glasses, bright-coloured wedges and a slouchy bag to carry all your stylish fare. Keep your look interesting with a winged liner (if you're the adventurous kind) and add delicious lashes of mascara for that bold glam vibe.    

Price: Top- Rs 1499, Denim skirt- Rs 999, Bag- Rs 899, Shoes- Rs 1399.    

Hanging with the BFFs Look

westside jumpsuitJumpsuits are practically uniform these days. For those looking to add a little length (height we mean!) to your look and to stay on top of trends...this one's just perfect. But do note: when it comes to curves, choose a jumpsuit that is mono-toned and comes in a colour palette that's classic and elegant. Crazy busy prints and too many embellishments can take away from the silhouette, so tread carefully. Make sure you cinch your look with a thin belt so your body is evenly proportioned and elegant - add in aviators and a bold lip colour for that added drama. A nice statement necklace and high heels will work in adding volume and depth to the look - plus a cute crossbody bag can keep your look super casual but functional at the same time.

Price: Jumpsuit- Rs 1699, Bag- Rs 899, Necklace- Rs 399, Shoes- Rs 1299.

* This is a sponsored feature for Westside. The Sassy Soda collection is available at select Westside Stores.