#FAIL: 10 Ridiculous Expectations about Love Bollywood Has Given Us

#FAIL: 10 Ridiculous Expectations about Love Bollywood Has Given Us

From falling in love with your best friend to finding your soul mate on an almost-missed train, you have the Hindi film industry to thank for being the hopeless romantic you are. You may not burst into song in the middle of the day, but you can’t deny that the movies you grew up watching have definitely instilled an undying hope inside of you that may not match reality at times. We give you a few ridiculous expectations about love Bollywood has given us - better watch out, ladies! (Though, of course, this will never stop us from watching our fave SRK movies again and again, even if he didn’t end up with Kajol/Juhi in real life. :P)

1. Expectation: If a boy doesn’t dance well, have six-pack abs, take on 10 bad guys and come out without a scratch, all the while professing his undying love for you, then he’s not worth your time.


Reality: Such guys don’t exist!

2. Expectation: A walk in the rain under one umbrella is the most romantic thing that you can ever do with your significant other and is absolutely the perfect first-kiss-moment.


Reality: It’s cold, it’s mucky, and you’re probably going to be fighting for more space under the umbrella.

3. Expectation: Your eyes will meet across the room and you will just know that he’s The One while wind blows and bells ring in the background.


Reality: You could be dating a guy for a year and still not know if you want to marry him.

4. Expectation: You will fall in love with your best friend because, you know, boys and girls can never be just friends.


Reality: Just ask every guy who has ever been friend-zoned.

5. Expectation: Boys always end up with the super-nice girl next door in the salwar kameez.


Reality: Sure, because guys don’t like long legs and tight dresses.

6. Expectation: You can go from geeky chashmish to mind-blowing knockout just by taking off your glasses and wearing some lipstick, and then you get the guy.


Reality: How are you supposed to see the guy without your specs?

7. Expectation: He will chase you and charmingly coax you into going out with him till you finally relent. In how many movies has the girl ever had to woo the guy?


Reality: He’ll try to patao you for a few days, then get bored of you rejecting him and go and ask out your best friend instead.

8. Expectation: If you do part ways because of circumstances, you’ll try to live apart from each other for a while. But then your realize you just can’t do without each other, nor do you want to move on, and come fall back into each other’s arms.


Reality: He’s already dating someone else.

9. Expectation: You have a big fat Indian wedding, honeymoon in the Swiss Alps and live happily ever after.


Reality: Sacrifices, daily struggles and interfering mothers-in-law come into the picture, then overtake the whole frame!

10. Expectation: Even if you’ve had your heart broken, there will be a better guy waiting for you around the corner.


Reality: If you’re lucky enough, you may just find your Raj/Rahul.

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