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#DealBreaker: Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl You Hope to Marry

#DealBreaker: Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl You Hope to Marry

The two of you have been dating for a while now, and you are finally planning to take it to the next level. But if you want to make her your better half, you need to remember this: there are some things you should never say to a girl you hope to marry. Saying any of these things will definitely set off warning bells in her head! Actually, since these will make any girl want to run a mile (or five) from you, don't say them to ANYONE!

1. Your sister is pretty cute, you know?

Ogling her sis is not going to endear you to her. Of course, if her sis is 12 years old, then this is fine. ;)

2. You better maintain that figure after we get married.

Um. Her body, her decision.

What not to say point 2

3. We should see if our kundlis match. I hope you’re not manglik.

Astrology is more important than compatibility, huh?

4. I don’t really like your parents, and that crazy aunt of yours.

You might not be overly fond of her family, but unless they’re running after you with a hatchet, this isn’t what you should be saying.

5. What? You have been involved with other guys in the past? How many??

How awful for you!

what not to say - point 7

6. I’ve always wanted to marry a virgin.

She may be one, she may not be. But she sure won’t like knowing that you value a girl’s hymen more than anything else about her.

7. I don’t think women should work after they get married.

What she’s hearing: “I want a wife who will stay home and cook and care for me.”

what not to say point 5

8. I love a Mercedes car!

Really? Is that a hint that you’d like her family to cough up some dahej?

9. My mom makes the best food in the entire world and she wants a bahu who makes perfect round chapatis.

This is one argument you don’t want to start.

what not to say - point 9

10. Baby, I think we should only have a joint bank account.

A joint account is a great idea, but having her own account is a sign of her individuality. You can’t expect her to give that up just because you’re getting hitched!

11. I don’t like it when you wear those skinny jeans and dresses. Why can’t you wear saris and suits?

Let her choose how she wants to dress after the marriage. Letting her know that you/your family is the “traditional” sort is a good thing, but you can’t enforce it on her.

Point 13-things never to say to a girl

12. Your parents said you got home at 9 last night. Where were you so long?

Text her if you’re worried about her safety. Else you come across as a super-possessive would-be husband who’s going to stalk her every move!

13. I hope those faaltu guy friends of yours leave you alone after marriage.

Way to go, you’ve insulted both her and her friends. Should she assume that you’re going to stop talking to all your female acquaintances after you get married?

14. I would like to have 6 kids. I’ve always wanted a big family.

Dude. She’s the one who has to carry the children and give birth. It’s not your decision alone. Also, whatever happened to family planning?

Point 14 Things never to say to a girl

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Published on Sep 25, 2014
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