Need a Quick Pick-Me-Up? Here Are 15 Cute Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly!

Need a Quick Pick-Me-Up? Here Are 15 Cute Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly!

You’ve had a rough day at work, you probably even stepped on dog poop on your way home, nothing’s going right, everything’s a mess. Or maybe you're just tired because it's only halfway through the week and there's still so much to get through before the weekend arrives. So what do you do? You read this article of course! For everyone looking for quick pick-me-up options, we give you 15 cute ways to boost your mood instantly! Scroll down, and bring that smile back to your face. :)

1. Indulge in Chocolate

ways to boost your mood - chocolate

It’s delicious, it can be quite healthy if you know how to pick the right stuff, and it makes you really happy! It helps boost your serotonin levels, which is what is responsible for "happiness".

2. Goggle Puppy/ Kitten Images

ways to boost your mood - kitten

They’re all over the Internet, and they’re there for a reason! They make you smile, giggle and go "Awwww!", and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to bust the stress. :)

3. Go Shopping

ways to boost your mood - shopping

If you’ve been eyeing that Zara top for a long time, now is a good time to pick it up! Don't go overboard and go flat-out-broke in pursuit of retail therapy, but indulging yourself with a new pair of shoes or a pretty little skirt once in a while is not a bad thing at all!

4. Cuddle with Someone

ways to boost your mood - cuddling

Did you know that the act of cuddling can immediately reduce stress levels? The comfort to be gained from simple human touch is vastly overrated. So what are you waiting for? Go spread some love, and remember to get some in return!

5. Laugh Till You Cry

ways to boost your mood - laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh at the silliest and smallest things in life. Watch a sitcom, read a funny book. Even if you're really not in a good mood, find the nearest mirror and smile at your reflection - it will make you feel better.

6. Call Up a Friend

ways to boost your mood - call up

Ladies, there's no better feeling than talking to someone who cares about you. Catch up with your friends and other loved ones when you're feeling down - it'll cheer you right up.

7. Step Out

ways to boost your mood - walking

You don't need to go on a road trip or a trek to take your mind off things. Just a walk in the park can often do the trick. Carry a music player to keep you company if you want to just zone out for a while and not think about anything. Or just walk in silence and figure out what's causing you the most stress and how you can get around it.

8. Be a Bathroom Singer

ways to boost your mood - bathroom singing

Your voice may no where be close to Adele's, but who cares when you're in the bathroom? No one's judging you. Have a hot shower and sing to your heart's content - we guarantee you will feel much better afterwards!

9. Pen It Down

ways to boost your mood - writing

Whatever is troubling you, put it down on paper. Scribbling, drawing, making a list, writing a poem - they are all therapeutic. If what you write turns out very grim, tear up the piece of paper and throw it in the bin. It might sound silly, but it's a super-effective way of getting rid of negativity.

10. Turn Up the Music

ways to boost your mood - music

Now is the time to listen to your fave artists and beats. Sing along like you're doing a better job than the artist and move to the beats like you're MJ’s clone! And if you can't think of any happy-making numbers, give these old favourites a shot: Happy - Pharrell Williams, Don’t Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin, Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles, Bad Day - Daniel Powter.

11. Stalk Your Crush on Social Media

ways to boost your mood - social media

Log on to FB or Insta and stalk the person you've been meaning to ask out for oh-so-long! If you're feeling a little more pumped, open up a chat bubble and strike up a conversation with them. :)

12. Cook a Meal

ways to boost your mood - cooking

You don't have to be Chef Ramsay to do this. Just Google something quick and easy, try your mum's recipe for something you loved growing up, or even make some comforting dal-chawal. Cooking (and eating!) can be an immensely de-stressing activity.

13. Play Dress Up

ways to boost your mood - dressing up

Try on that sexy lace dress that you've been forever hiding in that closet, pair it up with a cherry red pair of shoes, apply some killer makeup and click a selfie. It always works! For some extra cheer, post that pic on FB and Insta and wait for the love. :)

14. Clean Your Room

ways to boost your mood - cleaning

This will not only make your mom/ partner/ roommate proud, but also you as a person. Organizing your living space really helps your mind de-clutter as well. Arrange your stuff, clean the shelves, throw the things you don't need into a box to give to charity.

15. Work It Out

ways to boost your mood - working out

It's time to turn that negative energy into positive. Throw your nervous energy into a workout sesh, and you'll soon have the adrenaline pumping and the endorphins flowing! Besides, cheering up + getting fitter = DOUBLE WIN.

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