"Arre, Chhutki!" + Other Peeves: 22 Things Short Women Hate Hearing!

"Arre, Chhutki!" + Other Peeves: 22 Things Short Women Hate Hearing!

All that talk about embracing inner beauty and "it doesn't matter how tall you are, it's the size of your heart that counts" goes down the drain when it comes to facing the real world. Let’s be honest: the world is mean to short people. They are summed up as "lightweights" even before interaction, ragged for entertainment and picked on for no fault of their own. Well, let me tell you one thing, ladies, being short is not a bad thing! You may be tiny, but your sharp wit and personality can make up for it all. Maybe the world knows what annoys short people, maybe it doesn’t. Just in case it's the latter, we’re going to tell you today what gets to them the most - here's our list of 20 things short women hate. People who are blessed with height, we hope you’re listening!

1. “Hey, Chhutki, do you shop for your clothes at the kids' store?”

Argh. Are YOU a kid? Wonder which store would offer an upgrade for your brain.


2. “You look like you’re still in 10th, yaar!”

Hmm, are you still using that useless anti-ageing cream? Because I think I just spotted a few wrinkles on your face. Is it normal to get them at the age of 23?


3. “LOL, I have to get on my knees to be in this picture with you!”

In the parallel universe this might be cute, but NOT in this one. You may think you’re doing us a favour by offering to stoop down to our level, but, honestly, you’re just making us feel worse about ourselves.

4. “Your head’s just the right height for my elbow.”

I’m sorry, do you suffer from poor eyesight? Because if you don’t, I don’t see why you would be confusing me with furniture. We are NOT armrests. Go pick on someone your own size already!

5. “How’s the weather/view down there?”

Why, is yours any different? Are you on another planet altogether?

6. “You! I can’t see what you are doing. Come and sit in front!”

We've NEVER had the privilege of being back-benchers at school or college. Yep, we told you it’s a sad reality. Looking on the brighter side, though, we always got to be the teacher’s pet! ;)

 7. “You’re becoming so golu!”

Being short and skinny or being stout and tall is completely fine. But being short and putting on weight is not a good combination. Brace yourselves, for there will be tons of "round-as-a-ball" cracks heading your way.


8. “I suppose you could be right...”

Short people ALWAYS have to put in that extra effort to make a point. People just don’t take them seriously and seem to consider them lightweights. Enough with the bias already!


9. “No, you can't get on this ride.”

It SUCKS when you can't get on the roller-coaster because your height does not make the cut. While your friends have fun, you get to stand on the sidelines and click their photos. Sigh.

 10. “I bet I could pick you up!”

We are not a trophy. Put us down this instant!

11. “I need to see some ID.”

Age proof - the most important card in a short girl’s wallet. Trying to get into clubs and bars without a fuss is something we only fantasize about.


12. “Have you tried heels?”

And thus we are forced into a relationship with a pair of super-uncomfortable shoes. We do this, and suddenly the world feels better. We feel more confident, sexier, happier...until we realize that the girl standing next to us is taller than us in flats.


13. “You better get there early, else you won't get to see anything.”

Concerts are our private hell. We have the worst time trying to jostle our way to the front to get to see anything at all. But, ladies, this is the time when you use your friends as furniture. Climb on them and watch your favourite rockstar perform!

14. Short jokes.

Do we have to explain this one?


15. “Madam, aapke liye zyada lamba hai

No store-bought salwar suits for us - it has all got to be altered. Same with pants and skirts. And there are certain fashion trends that we JUST can't get with. On the other hand, it's awfully easy to find a "full-length" gown - a midi can easily make a maxi! ;-)

16. “You want to do WHAT? Hahaha!”

Certain career choices are totally off-limits. Always dreamt of being a model? Or a basketball player? Or joining the army? Reality check, girl, reality check.


17. “Aww, you're such a Minion/ Mini-Me!

We loved Despicable Me as much as the next person, and Austin Powers is hilarious, but we really, truly hate people who say this.


18. “Would you like a ladder?”

Depending on things to help us reach things is bad enough without being teased about it.


19. “Are you sure you want to date someone that tall?”

This one hurts particularly, since if you’re not close to your man’s height, you’re going to have a hard time making out with him. Stretching up can be sweet and romantic, but not ALL the damn time! (And have you seen how much a short bride suffers come varmaala time at her wedding?) But we refuse to discriminate against nice boys just because they're tall.


20. “Do your legs even reach the car’s brakes?”

Yes, they do! FYI, we may not be able to see beyond the dashboard, but if we stuff a few pillows on our seat, we will be perfectly fine. Thanks for asking, though, totally boosted our self-esteem. (Long flights are murder on our legs, but. Low-seating revolution, anyone?)


21. Naatu, Chhotu, Batki, Half-Ticket - ARGH, those nicknames!

They're not cute, they're demeaning. We hate them. We hate them with a PASSION.

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