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Cupcake Craving at 3 am? Knights in Delivery Armour to the Rescue!

Cupcake Craving at 3 am? Knights in Delivery Armour to the Rescue!

Cupcakes, cigarettes, crocin, condoms - whatever your middle-of-the-night need, there's now a startup ready to deliver it to your doorstep. Welcome to the after-hours delivery network. Stock Photo 'Home-delivery' isn't news in India - we're used to picking up the phone and ordering everything from medicines to food, groceries, our dry cleaning, wine, the works. But even this phone-it-in culture has limits, and timing has been one of them: typically, most deliveries are during daytime hours and even food deliveries end around 11 pm. What's a night owl with a craving for Maggi noodles or dessert to do, then? Call one of a slew of new (and creatively-named) delivery services that offer a mixed bag of conveniences - starting midnight! And the USP of these startups goes beyond timing to the range of stuff on offer: from cookies and cupcakes, to a packet of ENO for digestion issues to cigarettes, condoms or chocolate, it's all here. The idea clearly draws inspiration from another famous creature of the night, Batman: if Mumbai has Fly By Knight, the Gurgaon counterpart is Batman Delivers, both with detailed online menus of offerings. There's also Midnight Munchies in South Delhi that, though limited to food, beverages and desserts, offers a fun menu crafted by a specialty chef. Delivery is typically up to about 4 am, and they're careful about ensuring other people in the house - who may well keep more conventional hours - aren't disturbed: they'll call on your mobile, for instance, instead of ringing the doorbell, and they will - yay! - carry exact change. One thing's for sure: there's very little Batman can't deliver, and he's now one phone-call away!  
Published on Jun 6, 2013
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