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Looking for a Cocktail Dress for a Wedding Reception? Take Your Pick!


POPxo Team

POPxo Team



Indian designers are mastering the art of making gowns and long evening dresses – just take a look at runway photos and celeb sightings on the red carpet, and you’ll see just how far we’ve come!

We’re getting pretty good, that it’s only a matter of time before we catch up with Marchesa and Armani Privé. Gowns are gaining popularity at wedding cocktails and receptions, and designers are happy to customise bespoke beauties that fit like a glove.

We handpick a set of names that will help you ace the cocktail gown this bridal season!

Shahab Durazi

Shahab Durazi 2“I am wearing a custom made Shahab.” A hush falls, followed by reactions of envy and awe. And they won’t stop talking for months to come. That’s the respect that this veteran (and reticent) designer’s name commands. The fine fabrics, the precision drapes, the flawless finishes and the timeless elegance – we’ve been mesmerised for almost two decades. Durazi has retained his niche status by being selective about who he dresses – you’ll see nothing short of the A-list in his clothes. As exclusive as it gets.  


Sailex 3 copyThe young designer has been on our watch list for a while, but his meteoric rise this year has everyone talking. Clean lines, beautiful cuts, restrained embellishments and elegant glamour define his style. And top marks for flawless construction and finish. Modern and timeless at the same time, his gowns and long evening dresses are sure to take centre-stage at any function. We predict great things for the future of this label. 

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta 1 copy

If you have it in you to be a goddess, then Gupta is your sartorial soulmate, this bridal season. His couture (and highly complex) drapes, the swirling embellishments, the high-impact drama and the slight ‘alternative’ touch make all heads turn. Gupta’s designs require a strong personality – be meek and you’ll be swallowed whole by your own gown. And don’t forget to tone up – the best accessory for a GG is a fab body.

Monisha Jaising

Monisha Jaising 3 copyIf heavy-duty is not your scene, then Jaising is the one to go to. Light and minimalist, yet opulent and elegant – her creations allow you to be comfortably stylish. Intelligently placed embellishments add that necessary bit of shine without making you look like a chandelier. They’re versatile enough to be worn at more than one occasion – style them as formally or as casually as you wish. Intelligent investments that serve you well for years.

Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal 2 copyThe new god of gowns has been creating great ripples on the runway. His part Grecian, part intergalactic aesthetic is finding its way into the wardrobes of the fashion forward set. There’s no way you’ll blend with the shadows in one of these. The eyes will follow, wherever you go. In addition to a toned bod, you will need the persona to match. Stand tall, stand strong. And watch everyone’s breath leave their bodies.

Shantanu & Nikhil

Shantanu & Nikhil 1 copyWe’re glad to see them get over their ‘Victorian avant-garde’ obsessions and return to their roots of elegant high-glamour. Their beautifully cut and draped styles will make you the belle of the ball. Sensuous fabrics, tonal embellishments and an overall sense of balance enhance your persona, not overshadow it. A classic sensibility ensures that the styles go beyond ‘one time only’. Easy to wear, easy to move in – the S&N woman is fashionably comfortable.

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Mon, 18 November, 2013

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