Last week, we did a live twitter chat in association with Moxie Media for their #futureisfemale series with cupcake goddess, Le15 Patisserie’s Pooja Dhingra and eStylista and chef, Maunika Govardhan. 


What are your favourite food blogs, the ones you follow regularly?

First up, my favourites are David Lebovitz, blogger, author and pastry chef @davidlebovitz. Next up is food blogger, stylist and photographer @cannallevanille. I’ve got a big girl crush on Rachel Khoo, of the Little Paris Kitchen fame @rkhooks. Love Smitten Kitchen @smittenkitchen too.

What makes a good baker?

A good baker needs to be patient, persistent and consistent.

Indian blogs you definitely follow?

@Finelychopped and @purplefoodie are my favourites along with @cookinacurry!

What are your favourite apps and filters with which you take those drool-worthy food pictures?

Most of my pictures are spontaneous. I love my Instagram filters and Amaro is a big favourite!

Which are the Instagram accounts you follow for your daily baking inspiration?

My favourite Instagram accounts for delectable food pictures are @davidlebovitz, @1NS1A, @Purvamehra @RoshniBajaj and @passionforbaking

It’s always hard to keep a proper beauty/fitness regime being a chef. What’s your top tip?

There is no time for fitness once you’re a chef but I do try to dance or run every day and well, drink lots of water!

What goes on in your mind when you formulate a new recipe?

I usually think of various combinations and textures. I try to think of flavours that I love and things that stir some memories.

What’s your style, in and out of the kitchen?

My style is easy, simple and no fuss, I am always in black :)

As a busy businesswoman, which essentials do you keep in your handbag?

I always carry my iPhone, iPad, charger (I’m always out of battery!), notepad and pencils. Oh and emergency chocolate :)

What is your favorite dessert/ confectionary/ or maybe comfort food?

I like anything with dark chocolate and caramel! I am also a big fan of passion fruit.

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